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Contractor's Corner: Blue Ridge Builders Inc.

Doman is pleased to feature Blue Ridge Builders, Inc. on our latest installment of Contractor's Corner.
Backyard of a suburban house. It features a spa, landscaping, and a covered terrace.

Doman is pleased to feature Blue Ridge Builders, Inc. on our latest installment of Contractor's Corner. Blue Ridge Builders is a family-owned company that has served the Halifax and surrounding region since 2012. Blue Ridge Builders specializes in interior and exterior renovations. They've built a reputation in the industry as "a company that customers can depend on." Their success can be attributed to their education, product knowledge, and experience. This is their story.

Before starting Blue Ridge Builders, owner Heath Pierson had worked with his family in the U.S.A. gaining over 20 years of experience building beautiful renovations and decks. Currently, the Blue Ridge team is a crew of thirteen each with their own strengths and master skill set. They are also growing the Blue Ridge Family, looking for more carpenters with extraordinary assets.

Approaching each new project with an open mind and the client's vision, Blue Ridge Builders works to establish a clear project plan before jumping in. Accompanying their clients throughout the whole process, they provide them with quotes, contracts, and timelines, allowing them to define the project's goals and objectives. They also offer a 1-year warranty on labour and materials which protects their customers against defects or failure. This allows Blue Ridge Builders to have the opportunity to stand behind the work that they do with confidence.

Doman: What services do you offer?

Blue Ridge Builders: "Although Blue Ridge Builders does both interior and exterior work, it ultimately comes down to our customer's needs and wants. We have contacts within our industry that will work with our customers to develop their design in the area they are looking to renovate. Our customers will choose to hire a professional that will maximize their budget  and receive the best quality of work for their money; it is our business model to work with our customers from start to finish."

Doman: Can you tell us about one of your favourite projects and why?

Blue Ridge Builders: "Our favourite project was a composite deck we did with 6' tall Century privacy glass rails and Fusion Stone. This customer built a backyard oasis for everyone to enjoy.

Most of our customers will choose to go with composite decking based on their budget, style, and colour preferences; adding the 6' tall Century privacy glass rails gave the customer the privacy they required to enjoy their backyard."

Century Railing privacy wall and Fusion Stone veneer in Great Lakes Fawn helps create the perfect backyard oasis. This outdoor space has it all complete with hot tub, entertainment areas and an amazing kitchen.

Doman: Many of your projects include Fusion Stone. Why do you work with it?

Blue Ridge Builders: "Fusion Stone is a great product - the best mechanical fastened stone on the market. Part of its popularity is because Fusion Stone offers three styles choices - Great Lakes, Peninsula Ledgestone, and Dry-Stack, with multiple colour options. Simple and easy installation with included stainless steel clips and screws is another excellent reason."

Fusion Stone’s traditional elements works well with many varieties and shades of wood, including this wood planking.

"Fusion Stone is a great product, the best mechanical fastened stone on the market."

-Heath Pierson, Blue Ridge Builders

The sleek look of these stainless steel appliances pairs nicely with ruggedness of Great Lakes Fawn for a classic look that will last a lifetime.

Doman: What trends do you see in the future for your industry?

Blue Ridge Builders: "After this challenging year from 2020/2021, and the adjusting forecast and changing expectations, most homeowners will continue to update their current home instead of taking their savings for vacations. Based on conversations that I am having with potential clients for Blue Ridge Builders, I see that many of these customers want to build their backyard oasis."

Doman: How do you find new products?

Blue Ridge Builders: "Most of our building supply dealers will host new product showcases that provide an opportunity for people in our industry to learn about products that are coming on the market. We also like to participate in trade shows either virtual or in-person when group gatherings are permitted.  When time allows, we research the internet with current trends in other areas that might be a big hit here. Having family in the United States that does the same type of work is also a plus because they can provide insights into new products that we should look at."

Doman: What's the best advice you've ever received?

Blue Ridge Builders: "The best advice we have ever received is 'Do each job as it was your own.' We want to build our reputation in this industry as a company that customers can depend on. We want to keep the communication lines open to all our customers, sub-trade, and/or employees. Communication is the key to success! We want our employees to stay positive and do their best to catch every detail in the project they are working on. There is so much advice that we've received over the past 9 years that is so important in today's society." With their positive outlook, stunning projects, and their client's best interest at heart, Doman is happy to feature Blue Ridge Builders in our latest Contractor's Corner segment. For more great project inspiration, follow them on Instagram and Facebook, and see more of what they do on the daily.

Instagram: blue_ridge_halifax

Facebook: Blue Ridge Builders Inc.

Website: www.blueridgebuilders.ca

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