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FlamePRO® Fire-retardant Treated Wood

FlamePRO® fire-retardant treated wood (FRTW) is lumber and plywood pressure-impregnated with FlamePRO Interior Type A High Temperature (HT) fire-retardant chemicals.

FlamePRO® fire-retardant is a proven successful formulation based on the American Wood Protection Association P50 Standard for Fire Retardants.

Features & benefits

FlamePRO® fire-retardant lumber and plywood meets the requirements for FRTW listed in the International Code Council Acceptance Criteria ICC AC66, conforming with the International Residential and the International Building Codes (IRC & IBC).


  • 2x4-2x12 SYP #2&Btr
  • ½” 4x8 SYP RS/CDX Strc 1 4-Ply
  • ⅝” 4x8 SYP RS/CDX Strc 1
  • ¾” 4x8 SYP RS/CDX 5-Ply
  • 1 ⅛” T & G 4x8 SYP RS/CDX 5-Ply
FlamePRO® for Fire Retardant treated wood construction
FlamePRO® for Fire Retardant treated wood framing
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