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Environment, Social & Governance

The Company’s Board of Directors and management are currently working towards formalizing existing ESG initiatives and reporting practices.

The following is a high-level summary of selected ESG areas:


  • Over 7 million seedlings planted by Doman since 2016
  • Doman adheres to the Private Managed Forest Land Act of British Columbia, which requires sustainable forest management practices, including protecting key public environmental values
  • Timber sold to our major customers receives Chain-Of-Custody Certification, providing customers with confidence that end products originate from well-managed forests
  • Forest products generate up to 31% lower carbon footprint than concrete, metal and plastic alternatives

Pressure-treated Wood

  • Doman utilizes MicroPro Sienna, the most environmentally friendly product on the market
    • Approved for use in 3 National Parks including, Banff
    • Safe for use in freshwater and raised garden beds
    • Extends the life of the wood resulting in reduced resource usage
  • Doman practices environmentally responsible plant design and operation through certification under the Canadian Wood Preservation Authority’s Technical Recommendations Document standard
  • Water used in the production process is generally recaptured and recycled
  • The fossil fuel footprint of a treated wood deck is equivalent to driving a car 38 miles/year. In comparison, the fossil fuel footprint of a wood-plastic composite deck is equivalent to driving a car 540 miles/year.
Environmentally Preferable Certified Global Green Tag Certified Greenguard certification


  • Doman distribution, treating and specialty sawmill facilities generally feature railway access which is more efficient and lowers higher carbon footprint road truck usage
  • Piloting zero-emission electric forklifts at selected facilities as pilot, replacing diesel and propane
Private Managed Forest Land Act of British Columbia
Proudly been in the lumber industry for over 100 years now
Forest products generate up to 31% lower carbon footprint than concrete

Doman: At the heart of our communities

2020 BC's Top Employers
Vancouver Canucks
Yutu Relief
Canadian Red Cross BC Wildfires
Saint Paul's hospital
Habitat for Humanity
Heart and stroke foundation
Nature conservancy Canada
Arkansas Razorbacks
BC Lions
Big Brothers Big Sisters
BC children's hospital
Fernie trails alliance
Horatio Alger Association of Canada

Governance & Business Ethics

Board of Directors:

  • Majority Voting Policy
  • Majority Independent Directors
  • Independent Directors comprise 100% of Board committees
  • 100% Board and Committee Meeting Attendance in 2020
  • Annual Board Evaluation Process
  • Board Diversity Policy
  • Required Minimum Stock Ownership
  • CEO, Board and senior management own over 20% of stock – material alignment with shareholders
  • Formal Risk Identification, Assessment and Management initiated in 2021

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