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New Colours, New Profile, Same Quality: Maibec CanExel Engineered Siding

Maibec has been a proud partner of Doman Building Materials with the CanExel brand being a reliable choice with our customers for over 50 years.
Modern house with CanExcel siding located in a winter spruce forest.

Maibec has been a proud partner of Doman Building Materials with the CanExel brand being a reliable choice with our customers for over 50 years. This engineered siding is renowned for its timeless beauty, authentic woodgrain finish, and lasting durability. With their sawmill located in East Chester, Nova Scotia and their headquarters in Lévis, Québec the CanExel line is 100% Canadian-made with Doman being the exclusive national distributor.

With longevity comes thorough planning, and Maibec CanExel makes sure to use top-performing materials when designing and creating their products. This engineered siding is created from a lightweight, high-density wood composite that offers the deeply textured look of real cedar. CanExel prefinished cladding is produced from wood fibre, resin, and wax fused under pressure, making this siding highly stable as well as resistant to moisture. The finish on CanExel consists of five coats of baked-on paint and a sealer providing increased resistance to cracking, splitting, warping, splintering, and buckling of the substrate.

Along with the siding’s durability and structure, Maibec is quick on mapping out current and future trends in the siding industry and is proud to stand behind a product whose quality is equal to its phenomenal look. With 18 different colour options, whether it is two-toned or a solid colour, Maibec CanExel is sure to have something that caters to any style. They also have four different profiles which allows homeowners and contractors alike to find a style that best suits the look and feel of their project. Additionally, Maibec CanExel has welcomed two new colours: Dark Roast and Scandinavian, as well as the new VStyle™ profile to their siding portfolio.

VStyle was created to provide a timeless profile that can be installed horizontally or vertically.  Perfect for residential or commercial products, this innovative new profile adapts to any design. With hidden fasteners, this profile remains sleek and polished. Whether you are looking for a traditional or a modern look, VStyle will complement a variety of aesthetics. It is easy to see why VStyle has become a bestselling product!

Pair this new profile with CanExel’s new colours: Dark Roast and Scandinavian. It is no surprise that these new elegant colours are quickly gaining popularity. Scandinavian recreates the look of natural wood without the maintenance. It pairs nicely with darker tones of black, brown, gray along with both industrial and natural elements such as steel, stone, cement, and wood. Dark Roast is a rich and timeless two-tone colour that has quickly become a favourite for the year. These two new show-stopping colours are available in all CanExel profiles. All of these qualities combined make for an unstoppable product. These low-maintenance siding panels are enticing to both homeowners and contractors due to their low maintenance and endless design possibilities. Easy installation and a clean looking final product are just what contractors are looking for to provide their clients with the best result. Similarly, homeowners are drawn to the durability and 25-year limited warranty, knowing they are getting top quality products meant to last.

Just as important as style and durability, eco-responsibility is at the heart of Maibec’s commitments. The company exemplifies this sentiment by taking concrete action to reduce its ecological footprint. Sustainable development is an integral part of the company’s daily operations, which takes shape through various product-manufacturing stages, from raw resources to the final product.

This trendy, durable, sustainable product has become an obvious choice for contractors and homeowners alike. With long-lasting materials and timeless profiles and colours, you can breathe new life into any home construction or renovation project.

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