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Water-resistant coating protects during construction. PWT LVL surpasses traditional lumber for dimensional consistency and load-carrying capacity. Ideal for longer spans, PWT LVL is available in up to 60’ lengths and resists warping, twisting, bowing and crowning.

Features & benefits

  • Protection: Water-resistant coating protects during construction.
  • Peace of Mind: Consistent, accurate sizes and resists warping, twisting and shrinking.
  • Strength: Ideal for high-load applications.
  • Sustainability: Wood sourced through programs certified under the Sustainable Forestry Initiative®.
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty: Products backed by warranties you won’t find with traditional lumber. See complete warranty details for more information.
PWT LVL construction wall
PWT LVL support beam
PWT LVL beam
PWT LVL installation
PWT LVL walls
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