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Tree Island Wire and Mesh

Tree Island is a leading manufacturer of fence and wire products in Western North America.

They company’s facility in Richmond, British Columbia, is one of the most technologically advanced mills on the continent for producing quality fence and wire products.

Features & benefits

Doman offers a wide selection of wire and mesh products in a variety sizes.

  • Fence Products: Fixed-knot game, Farm & ranch, Utility fabric, Garden, and Lawn
  • Wire Products: Barbed wire, High Tensile Fence Wire, Electric Fence Wire, Merchant wire
    coils, Vineyard wire
  • Construction Accessories: Stucco mesh, Building fabric, Rebar tie wire
Tree Island wire fence
Tree Island - Fence Products
Tree Island - Fil de clôture électrique
Tree Island - Barbed Wire
Tree Island - Rebar Tie Wire
Tree island wire and mesh
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