Doman Building Materials Group unifies operating divisions under a master brand

Doman Building Materials Group unifies operating divisions under a master brand to reflect its vision and evolution

Vancouver, January 15, 2024 — In a strategic move set to redefine the future landscape of our organization, we are pleased to announce a significant transformation within our various operating divisions. Moving forward, we will unite under the cohesive and powerful umbrella of the DOMAN brand ⎯ a name that has been involved in the industry for over 100 years ⎯ marking a pivotal moment in our journey.

CanWel Fiber will be rebranded as DOMAN Timber, and our Canadian and US West Coast wood treatment facilities will become DOMAN Treated Wood. CanWel Building Materials and California Cascade will unify under DOMAN Building Materials, and Hixson Lumber will become DOMAN Lumber.

This strategic decision is driven by our commitment to enhancing the synergy of our activities, fostering unity, and strengthening our market presence.

With a global footprint of 29 distribution centers, 32 treating facilities, 5 specialty sawmills, 3 truss plants, 4 specialty planing mills, 2 post and pole peeling facilities, and 109,000 acres of managed forest, we are now in the position to emerge as one of the leading providers of building materials in North America.

 “It’s the way in which we support and serve our customers that makes us who we are. It’s our commitment to their success that makes us valuable. And it’s our supply chain capabilities that makes us DOMAN.” ⎯ Amar Doman, CEO

Starting now, we will gradually implement the new brand across all touchpoints. Customers, partners, and stakeholders can expect a seamless transition with no disruption to our operations.


We are a vertically integrated global building materials group. We provide quality products to retailers throughout North America. From basic lumber to next-generation products, we streamline the supply of a broad range of quality building materials.

Our company continues to grow through acquisition and will continue to do so, as opportunities and markets present themselves.

Headquartered in Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada, we operate distribution centers, wood treatment plants, specialty sawmills, planing mills, post-peeling facilities across North America, and private timberlands.

This distinctive vertical model empowers us to maintain close relationships with the supply chain, guaranteeing retailers the opportunity to procure high-quality products at highly competitive prices.

Doman Building Materials Group Ltd. trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol DBM.

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