GRK Fasteners

Create Exceptional Outdoor Living Spaces with Fast Driving, Code Approved Fasteners from GRK™

GRK offers a wide selection of fasteners that includes Multi-purpose, structural, trim, cabinet, composite and stainless screws. GRK’s products are designed for ease of use and faster drive times, increasing productivity for users. GRK products are Climatek™ coated, approved for use in treated lumber, and designed for both interior and exterior use.

Features & benefits

  • RECESSED STAR DRIVE – Zero Stripping, with (6) points of contact
  • CEE THREAD™ – Enlarges hole to reduce splitting and install torque
  • W-CUT™ – Low torque, smoother drive, and reduce splitting
  • ZIP-TIP™ – No pre-drilling, faster penetration and reduce splitting
  • FASTER INSTALLATIONS – no pre-drilling. Innovative, patented features are specially designed to reduce torque and bite instantly for effortless fastening.
  • NO STRIPPING, NO SPLITTING, NO HEAD POPS – no wasted time on the job site. High tensile, torque and shear strength allow for immense drawing power out performing most other competitive fasteners.
  • BUILDING CODE APPROVED – for structural use in treated lumber. All GRK screws have been evaluated for structural and AC257 corrosion resistance to be in compliance with IBC/IRC specifications. That’s why all our fasteners come with a limited lifetime warranty, so you can rest assured your installations will withstand the test of time.
GRK Fasteners R4 vis
GRK Fasteners R4 Screws In Use Inset
GRK Fasteners RSS
GRK Fasteners emballage
GRK Fasteners R4 vis 3x
GRK Fasteners Deck colour match
GRK Fasteners RSS installation A
GRK Fasteners W vue en coupe
GRK Fasteners Fintrim to replace r4
GRK Fasteners R4 vis 3x
GRK Fasteners emballage
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