GRK Fasteners




Create Exceptional Outdoor Living Spaces with Fast Driving, Code Approved Fasteners from GRK™
GRK offers a wide selection of fasteners that includes Multi-purpose, structural, trim, cabinet, composite and stainless screws. GRK’s products are designed for ease of use and faster drive times, increasing productivity for users. GRK products are Climatek™ coated, approved for use in treated lumber, and designed for both interior and exterior use.

Features & Benefits

  • RECESSED STAR DRIVE – Zero Stripping, with (6) points of contact
  • CEE THREAD™ – Enlarges hole to reduce splitting and install torque
  • W-CUT™ – Low torque, smoother drive, and reduce splitting
  • ZIP-TIP™ – No pre-drilling, faster penetration and reduce splitting
  • FASTER INSTALLATIONS – no pre-drilling. Innovative, patented features are specially designed to reduce torque and bite instantly for effortless fastening.
  • NO STRIPPING, NO SPLITTING, NO HEAD POPS – no wasted time on the job site. High tensile, torque and shear strength allow for immense drawing power out performing most other competitive fasteners.
  • BUILDING CODE APPROVED – for structural use in treated lumber. All GRK screws have been evaluated for structural and AC257 corrosion resistance to be in compliance with IBC/IRC specifications. That’s why all our fasteners come with a limited lifetime warranty, so you can rest assured your installations will withstand the test of time.

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