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Building a stronger supply chain. Together.

Doman is a vertically integrated global building material group. We provide quality products to customers throughout North America. From basic lumber to next-generation products, we streamline the supply of a broad range of quality building materials.

Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, we operate distribution centers, wood treatment plants, specialty sawmills, planing mills, post-peeling facilities across North America, and private timberlands.

Our distinctive vertical model empowers us to manage the complete supply chain, offering our clients the opportunity to acquire high-quality products at highly competitive prices.

Our Story

The Doman family name has proudly been in the lumber industry for over 100 years. Our roots begin with logging on the Canadian West Coast, and over the years, our operations have grown steadily through investment in the industry. The Doman name has been in sawmilling and trucking since the 1950s and remanufacturing since the 1970s, and we established our first lumber treating plant in the 1980s.

Founding what is now known as Doman Building Materials Group Ltd. in 1989, Doman is now one of the largest producers of value-added treated lumber in North America and a leading manufacturer and distributor of building products across the continent.

CanWel Building Materials Group Foundation
CanWel Building Materials Group listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange
Acquisition of Sodisco-Howden Group
Acquisition of Surewood Forest Products and Futura Forest Products
Acquisition of Broadleaf Logistics Company and sale of Sodisco-Howden Group
Acquisition of NorthWest Wood Treaters
Acquisition of North American Wood Preservers
Acquisition of Pastway Planing
Acquisition of California Cascade Industries
Acquisition of timberlands in Southeast BC
Acquisition of Total Forest Industries
Acquisition of Honsador Lumber
Acquisition of Oregon Cascade Building Materials and Western Wood Treating
Acquisition of Hixson Lumber
Acquisition of L.A. Lumber Treating
CanWel Building Materials Group becomes Doman Building Materials Group
Operating divisions unified under the Doman Brand
Acquisition of two treating facilities from Southeast Forest Products Treated
Amar Doman, CEO of Doman Building Materials Group, standing in front of its window at Doman headquarter in Vancouver.

"It’s the way in which we support and serve our clients that makes us who we are. It’s our commitment to their success that makes us valuable. And it’s our supply chain capabilities that make us Doman."

⎯ Amar Doman, CEO

Lumber and forest products operations across North America
Since 2016, Doman has planted over 8 million seedlings
Building on over 100 years of experience in the lumber industry

Our Vertical Model

Our vertical operational model is the cornerstone of our commitment to excellence and innovation. This model not only enables us to promptly address market demands but also ensures that every product bearing our name meets the highest standards of craftsmanship.

Doman Timber is one of the largest harvesting operations in Western Canada. Operating two treatment plants, we produce pressure-treated posts and poles for agricultural end-markets, including farming, vineyards, and craft brewing.

  • Over 100,000 acres of managed forests
  • 2 post-production facilities
  • 2 pressure-treating & distribution facilities

Doman Treated Wood is a leading manufacturer of treated wood, including fencing, decking, and agricultural posts. Our treating facilities in North America have a combined internal capacity of over 1.8 billion board feet.

  • 10 pressure-treating & distribution facilities
  • 2 specialty planing mills

Doman Lumber offers one of the most extensive inventories of Southern Yellow Pine available in the southwestern and central US, including dimension lumber, timbers, boards, decking, plywood, fence pickets, and panels.

  • 21 pressure-treating & distribution facilities
  • 5 specialty sawmills
  • 2 speciality planing mills

Doman Building Materials is a leading provider of building materials across Canada and the western US. We supply an extensive selection of premium lumber and product lines sourced from the world’s leading brands.

  • 18 distribution centers

Our portfolio also includes Honsador Lumber. It is the leading provider of packaged homes, home plans, and building supplies and products on the Hawaiian Islands. As Hawaii’s largest pressure-treated lumber and building materials supplier, Honsador operates seven locations across Hawaii, as well as a procurement office in Portland, Oregon.

  • 11 distribution centres
  • 1 pressure-treating & distribution facilities
  • 3 truss plants

Our Global Footprint

With strategically positioned facilities and one of the most extensive product offerings of value-added treated lumber, we can support our customers in ways few others can.

North American map showing the locations of various facilities of Doman Building Material Group.

29 distribution centers
34 treating & distribution facilities
5 specialty sawmills
3 truss plants
4 specialty planing mills
2 post and pole peeling facilities
Over 100,000 acres of managed forest

2,200 employees dedicated to the success of our clients.

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Our Values


At Doman, our commitment to responsiveness is an integral part of our core values. Our just-in-time distribution strategy, backed by our extensive inventory, not only improves the operational efficiency of retailers but also reduces excess retail inventory, optimizing cost-effectiveness and responsiveness within their supply chains. This ensures that their customers have access to what they need exactly when they need it.


Our expertise in lumber and extensive product knowledge enables us to pinpoint emerging trends and innovations. By doing so, we empower retailers to stay ahead of the curve, ensuring they can efficiently distribute and strategically market the next generation of products. We take pride in not only understanding current market demands but also anticipating and facilitating both immediate customer satisfaction and sustained growth for our clients.

We go to great lengths to increase our clients’ competitiveness by collaborating closely with them to optimize their procurement strategies, transforming them into their ultimate competitive advantage. We work on both national and local levels to identify and implement solutions that effectively tackle their unique supply challenges, ensuring the timely delivery of their products. Our dedicated resources facilitate continuous communication with buyers and retailers to push the boundaries of what is possible to fulfill their requirements, be it in inventory management, marketing initiatives, or sales force training.