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CCA - Commercial & Industrial

CCA (Chromated Copper Arsenate)

CCA pressure-treated wood products are clean, odorless and non-staining, offering an economical choice for commercial and industrial construction projects.

Typical applications include:

  • CCA Utility Poles
  • Foundation Piling
  • Highway Uses
  • Salt Water Marine Treated Wood
  • Permanent Wood Foundations
  • Agricultural Timbers & Poles
  • Pole Barn Structural Supports

Features & benefits

Products treated with CCA preservatives have provided protection from fungal decay and termite attack in industrial applications.


2x4-2x12 SYP #2&Btr
4x4-4x6 SYP #2&Btr
6x6-8x8 SYP #2&Btr, #1&Btr
½”  4x8 SYP RS/CDX Strc 1 4-Ply
⅝” 4x8 SYP RS/CDX Strc 1
¾” 4x8 SYP RS/CDX 5-Ply
1 ⅛” T & G 4x8 SYP RS/CDX 5-Ply

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