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Chalet® Plywood Siding by Doman

Perfect for sheds, cabins or hunting camps!

Chalet® is Doman’s legacy brand of exterior plywood siding that has been a staple in the building material industry for over 50 years. It is a precision-engineered plywood constructed with exterior phenolic glue that minimizes warping, shrinking, and checking, resulting in a strong and durable siding panel.

Available in 4×8 panels

Features & benefits

  • Simple packaging; simple installation
  • Manufactured using selected softwood face veneers
  • Textured face is grooved 8” O.C.
  • Factory primed with water based latex primer, to reduce ultra-violet ray damage prior to finishing, and provides a base for finish coat.
  • Natural (un-primed) available in 3/8” and 5/8”
  • Fast and easy to install: reduces overall installation costs
  • Available in lifts of 40
  • Available in three primed colours: Cedartone, Redwood, and Taupe
Chalet swatch cedar


Chalet swatch taupe


Chalet swatch redwood


Chalet swatch natural


Chalet taupe slider
Chalet redwood slider
Chalet natural slider
Chalet cedar tone slider
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